Specialty Center of the Month: The Surgical Suite

Dermatology is a surprisingly varied field, covering anything from life-threatening skin conditions to wrinkle treatments. That’s why, at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA), we’ve structured our practice as nine unique specialty centers within a single collaborative environment, to offer our patients a balance between convenience and specialized expertise. To help you learn more about each of our facilities, we’re highlighting a different center in our blog each month, and today we’re taking a closer look at our Surgical Suite.

Specialty Center of the Month The Surgical SuiteWhat is the Surgical Suite?

Our surgical facility is a 2,000-square-foot suite, including state-of-the-art operating rooms and recovery rooms, as well as a spacious and comfortable waiting area. While many of the treatments we offer at DAA are non-surgical, offering on-site surgery allows us to provide cohesive service to those patients who do require or choose surgery. This suite is located right alongside our other specialty centers and our main dermatology office, right across the street from Northside and Emory St. Joseph’s Hospitals.

What procedures are performed at The Surgical Suite?

Our surgical center offers both aesthetic and medical procedures, primarily including:

  • Mohs Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

For the treatment of certain skin cancers, Mohs skin cancer removal surgery may be recommended. This innovative procedure, which can be performed in an exam room or in our surgical suite depending on the patient’s specific case, uses specialized techniques to remove cancerous areas gradually, examining samples closely until all affected tissue has been removed while leaving as much healthy tissue unscathed as possible. Two of our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Scott Karempelis and Dr. Joseph Payne, are highly skilled Mohs surgeons who have performed over 10,000 total Mohs surgeries with excellent results.

  • Acne Scar Revision

While some acne scar patients are successful with procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments, others (especially those with pitted scars) are ideally suited for surgical scar revision. Depending on your unique needs, this may involve techniques like punch grafting, subcision, fat transfer using your body’s own fat and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or excision, among others.

  • Liposuction

Our own Dr. Scott Karempelis performs liposuction to relieve patients of specific, localized areas of excess fat. In many cases, he performs the surgery in conjunction with SmartLipo™, a laser which makes the fat easier to remove smoothly and which also tightens the skin around the treatment area, providing even more comprehensive and attractive results. Those who aren’t ideal candidates for liposuction may instead benefit from our non-surgical fat reduction options, including CoolSculpting®, UltraShape®, and Kybella™.

  • Hair Transplant

For both men and women, hair loss is an extremely common concern, and hair transplant surgery can be a highly effective way to fill in thinning hair. Our skilled providers at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research and The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss are experienced in a number of surgical methods, like follicular unit grafting (FUG), follicular unit extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft™, and more.

Whether it’s a cosmetic choice or a medical necessity, we understand that surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience, and the goal of our surgical suite is to offer a safe, top-notch facility with the comfort of staying with a practice you already know and trust. If you’re considering a surgical procedure, call us to schedule a consultation. Or, to learn more about DAA and the treatments we offer, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.