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  • Can Fractora™ reduce acne scars?
  • Is Fractora™ safe for my skin? ?
  • How much downtime does Fractora™ require?

Fractora™ Facial Rejuvenation

About Fractora™ Facial Rejuvenation at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

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Restoring a younger appearance isn’t one-size-fits-all. Customizability is what allows us at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, PC (DAA) to offer each patient the best possible results, and Fractora™ by InMode is one way for us to offer a wide variety of options. This new technology can improve the appearance of wrinkles, uneven complexion, acne, and acne scars by using micro-pins to deliver controlled radio frequency (RF) energy to precise layers of your skin. By taking this fractionated approach (meaning tiny areas of the skin are treated with small untreated areas surrounding them), Fractora™ provides even, all-over results with minimal downtime.

Part of what makes Fractora™ so effective is its versatility. Our licensed and skilled providers at DAA can tailor your treatment precisely to your skin’s needs and your cosmetic goals by varying the treatment depth, number of sessions, treatment area, pin placement, and energy levels. This procedure is safe for all skin types and can provide rejuvenated skin for nearly any area of the face and body, including delicate areas like the upper and lower eyelids.

To find out whether you’re a candidate for Fractora™ to restore a youthful appearance or minimize skin imperfections, schedule a consultation at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fractora™ Facial Rejuvenation


How does Fractora™ improve scars?
A scar forms as your body’s attempt to heal an injury, incision, or inflammation and protect you from an infection. But the collagen used can have a different texture or color from the rest of your skin. Fractora™ breaks down old scar tissue and promotes more controlled healing, minimizing the appearance of the scar.

Can Fractora™ be combined with other cosmetic procedures?
In many cases, yes. Our providers can recommend a combination of aesthetic treatments to fit your specific needs, and while some patients may need to allow a specified period of time between each appointment, Fractora™ can sometimes be used in conjunction with Botox®, facial fillers, or other cosmetic facial injectables, as well as additional skin treatments.

What can I expect after my Fractora™ treatment?
Because Fractora™ takes a fractionated approach, the downtime is minimal. Most patients can wear makeup within 1-2 days after their appointment. Micro lesions and slight redness may appear after your treatment, but this typically disappears within a week depending on the details of your procedure.

How many Fractora™ sessions will I need?
At your initial consultation with one of our licensed and skilled providers, you will discuss your aesthetic goals and receive the provider’s recommendation for the ideal course of treatment. Most Fractora™ patients can expect to need between one and six appointments.

When will I see my Fractora™ results?
Your specific results will depend on your treatment needs. However, most patients see significant results around two weeks after their appointment, and these results may continue to improve.

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