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Infini™ Facial Rejuvenation

About Infini™ Facial Rejuvenation at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

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One of the most in-demand services in cosmetic dermatology is turning back the clock and minimizing signs of facial aging, and Infini™ is one of the most advanced systems available. At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, we always strive to give our patients individualized treatment in order to provide the best possible care for their needs and aesthetic goals. As a highly versatile and customizable treatment, Infini™ allows us to address each patient’s concerns regarding fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even acne scarring.


Infini™ Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

The Infini™ system combines two rejuvenating treatments—micro-needling and radio frequency (RF) energy—to provide patients with optimal results in a minimally-invasive procedure. The micro-needles create tiny perforations in the skin, activating the body’s healing process. To repair the micro-wounds, the skin produces more collagen, the protein that gives the skin youthful elasticity and firmness, creating a rejuvenating effect across the treatment area. To make the procedure even more effective, the micro-needles also carry RF energy to the tiny wounds, which further encourages collagen production.

Besides combining multiple rejuvenating techniques to maximum effectiveness, the Infini™ facial rejuvenation system also incorporates versatility and customization in order to allow us to tailor the procedure to each individual patient. All the micro-needles can be adjusted in length, and the same area can be treated at multiple depth levels to produce more comprehensive results. The system also features two unique applicators—one with a larger surface to more efficiently treat areas like the forehead and cheeks, and the other with a smaller surface to more precisely address delicate and tight areas, like the skin around the eyes or nose. Because Infini™ addresses many degrees of wrinkles, lax skin, and acne scars, each patient’s treatment plan and number of sessions will vary. Please contact DAA to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled providers to discuss how Infini™ can address your skincare concerns.

Infini™ Facial Rejuvenation FAQs


Is Infini™ safe and effective for my skin type?
Infini™ skin tightening and facial rejuvenation treatments are safe for use on all skin types (including darker skin tones and pigments, minimizing the risks that sometimes accompany laser treatments) and age ranges. Infini™ can also be safely used on skin that is affected by melasma (age spots) or other pigmented lesions.

How does Infini™ minimize acne scarring?
Scars form when the body produces either too much or too little collagen while healing damage in the skin (like damage caused by acne lesions). By breaking old collagen chains and encouraging new collagen production in a controlled, microscopic area, Infini™ allows the skin to restore a smoother texture and cleaner complexion.

Is an Infini™ facial rejuvenation treatment painful?
Unlike some other rejuvenating treatments, Infini™ takes several measures to maximize patient comfort. With micro-needles that adjust to prevent patients from receiving deeper perforations than necessary, in addition to Infini™’s patented ComfortFlow™ technology, patients can expect noticeable and progressive results with minimized discomfort and downtime.

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