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  • What acne-related conditions can IsoLaz™ treat?
  • Is IsoLaz™ acne treatment safe for all skin types?
  • How quickly are IsoLaz™ acne results visible?

Isolaz™ for Acne

About Isolaz™ for Acne at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

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Isolaz in Atlanta GADermatology Associates of Atlanta’s in-house specialty center, The Laser Institute of Georgia, is pleased to be one of the few practices in Georgia to offer the revolutionary acne treatment: IsoLaz™.   This new FDA-approved treatment has been proven effective in dramatically reducing the appearance of acne, uneven skin tone, sun damage to facial skin, noticeable veins, and even eliminating unwanted facial hair in patients.

Unique in its use of Photopneumatics™ technology, Isolaz™ combines the cleaning power of suction and the healing power of laser light. The short treatments, usually accomplished within half an hour, consist of the application of vacuum technology to extract the dirt and debris clogging the pores and the simultaneous application of laser light to destroy the microscopic acne-causing bacteria living deep within the skin.

The Isolaz™ system is pain-free, safe for all skin types (even sensitive skin), requires no pre-procedure numbing and no post-procedure down time. The exact number of IsoLaz™ treatments required by each patient can only be determined after a consultation with one of Dermatology Associates laser specialists.  Contact our office today for more information.

*Treatment results may vary from person to person.

IsoLaz™ for Acne FAQs

What acne conditions can IsoLaz™ treat?
IsoLaz™ effectively and safely treats mild to moderate acne for all skin types on the face and body (back and chest).  IsoLaz™ fights the root causes of acne by removing blackheads, reducing oil, cleansing the pores and reducing their overall appearance.

How quickly can IsoLaz™ acne treatment results be seen?
Isolaz™ acne treatment results vary from patient to patient and the number of necessary treatments is determined by the patient’s skin type, type of acne and place on the body being treated.  IsoLaz™ treatment settings are customizable to more effectively treat the severity of the patient’s acne and their specific type of acne.  Noticeable improvements are visible after one treatment, with optimal results seen after four to six recommended treatments.  A consultation with the board-certified dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta allows patients to plan the top treatment options available for the best results.

How does IsoLaz™ effectively treat acne?
IsoLaz™ uses the combined power of vacuum technology and broadband light to gently apply pressure to the pores to break up and extract dirt, blackheads, oil and other acne-causing bacteria.  IsoLaz™ has proven effective in reducing acne lesions for patients that may not have responded to previous antibiotics, topical or laser treatments.  Treatments typically last less than an hour, require no downtime and don’t cause light sensitivity.  IsoLaz™ is safe for all skin types and is ideal for patients who want clearer, more radiant skin.