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  • am i candidate for miradry treatment
  • can miradry permanently stop sweating
  • can miradry permanently stop sweating

miraDry® for Sweating

About miraDry® for Sweating 

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Sweating can be troublesome for a variety of reasons, especially for people in the South where the temperature and humidity remain high for several months of the year.  Unwanted sweating can cause unsightly sweat stains, strong body odor, and discomfort, and can hinder social events due to embarrassment, while antiperspirants and deodorants can themselves leave marks and stains on your clothing.  In the past, treatment for underarm sweating included invasive surgical procedures or ongoing treatments such as topical products and BOTOX® injections for temporary results.  However, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is the first in the Atlanta-area to offer the FDA-approved miraDry® technology.  This non-invasive procedure eliminates underarm sweat glands providing long lasting cosmetic sweat reduction results.

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The miraDry® system uses microwave technology to deliver precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the area under the arm where the sweat glands reside.  The technology selectively destroys the sweat glands, and since they cannot regenerate, results are long lasting.  The miraDry® technology is equipped with a cooling system to prevent the skin’s surface from burning and minimize procedure discomfort. If you are interested in learning more about the miraDry® system please contact our office today to set up a consultation.


miraDry® FAQs


How does miraDry® technology work?
The miraDry® system uses a microwave technology to melt away problematic sweat glands contributing to embarrassing sweat stains and underarm odor for patients.

What can I expect after a miraDry® treatment?
Patients can expect significant reduction of underarm sweat after just one miraDry® treatment, although some patient may need multiple treatments to receive optimal results based on their unique needs.

Are the sweat reduction results permanent?
Yes, the results are permanent.  Unlike BOTOX® injections to reduce sweating which only produce results that last three to six months, the microwave technology in miraDry® melts sweat glands which the body then eliminates.

Isn’t sweating under my arms important?
You sweat from numerous pores all over your body. Eliminating your underarm sweat glands is not significant enough to cause any concerns with your body’s natural cooling process.

Am I good candidate for the miraDry® procedure?
If you want less underarm sweat or would like to stop feeling dependent on antiperspirants and deodorants, whether or not you have tried other sweat reduction methods, you may be a good candidate.   Talk with our dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta if you would like more information about the miraDry® procedure.

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