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  • What is the Vampire Facelift®
  • Is the Vampire Facelift® safe
  • How does the Vampire Facelift® use PRP Therapy

Vampire Facelift®

About Vampire Facelift® at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

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The providers of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA) continue to research and implement the latest dermatology advancements to provide their patients with the most effective facial rejuvenation results.  Many tell-tale signs of aging such as crow’s feet, marionette lines and under eye bags can become more evident as skin loses the collagen and elasticity beneficial for maintaining a rejuvenated appearance.  The Vampire Facelift®, performed by Dr. Ashley R. Curtis and Delmer L. Henderson, PA-C , is the latest non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure which combines powerful growth factors from platelet rich plasmas (PRP) therapy and facial fillers to effectively address volume loss, improve skin tone and texture while promoting collagen re-growth.

Vampire Facelift® Treatment

Vampire Facelift® begins by drawing the patient’s own blood to be used during the procedure.  Platelet rich plasma (PRP)’s powerful growth factors stimulate inactive cells to promote new collagen and tissue growth.  The collected blood is placed into a centrifuge, which is a machine that spins blood down to a high concentration, to isolate the PRP from the rest of the blood.  The extracted PRP is then combined with a specifically chosen facial filler.  Popular facial fillers include Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Sculptra®, Restylane Lyft®, Radiesse® and Belotero Balance®.   These minimally-invasive fillers are proven effective in the treatment of wrinkles and lost volume on the face.  Made from highly-purified proteins or other natural substances, facial fillers enhance and restore volume to the lips and cheeks in addition to smoothing moderate to severe wrinkles.   After the PRP and facial filler are combined, the concentration is skillfully re-injected into the areas of concern around your face to restore its youthful appearance.

Vampire Facelift® FAQs


Is Vampire Facelift® for facial rejuvenation safe?
Yes.  The Vampire Facelift® procedure is a safe and natural treatment and has shown many benefits for both women and men.  As an added benefit, the Vampire Facelift® contains platelet rich plasma (PRP) growth factors, which are derived from each patient’s own blood and promotes rapid healing, with minimal downtime required after treatment.

When can Vampire Facelift® for facial rejuvenation results be seen?
As Vampire Facelift® uses a patient’s own blood combined with a pre-determined facial filler to address each patient’s specific facial concerns, individual results will vary.  During a consultation, a skin analysis will determine which facial filler will best suit your goals whether addressing deep wrinkles or volume loss.  As skin goes through its natural healing process, results can appear within two to three months and can last over a year.  Results will vary from person to person.

How does Vampire Facelift® for facial rejuvenation utilize platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy? 
Dermatology Associates of Atlanta has over 15 years of experience using platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and cosmetic injectables for over 35 years for safe and effective facial rejuvenation and hair loss treatment.  PRP is extracted from a blood sample taken prior to the procedure before it is combined with a facial filler, such as Juvéderm® or Restylane®, and re-injected into the face to address areas of concern.  The beneficial growth factors found in PRP used during Vampire Facelift® stimulates new tissue and collagen growth to give your skin a vibrant, youthful appearance.