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Laser Institute of Georgia

Most of us have something on our skin we would rather be without—a mole, pockmark, or crop of freckles. Some feel self-conscious about little red spots. Others regret an impulsively acquired tattoo or live with prominent scars from surgery or a previous injury. And, of course, everyone eventually gets wrinkles, facial lines, and ever-deepening furrows that tell of advancing age.

laser institute of georgiaWe Are the South’s Laser Leader

With 25 years of experience using the healing qualities of lasers, the providers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta’s Laser Institute of Georgia are proud to be part of the largest and most experienced laser center devoted to treatments of the skin in the Southeast. They are trained specifically in the use of each of evolving laser. Our laser technicians work to meet your skincare needs through in-office treatments. Our goal is to provide the best care at a reasonable cost with convenience and safety.

Laser Institute of Georgia is also a member of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), a scientific, worldwide organization that promotes excellence in patient care by advancing biomedical application of lasers and other related technologies. Like the Laser Institute of Georgia, ASLMS is dedicated to education, research advancements, and quality patient care in the medical laser field.

Atlanta Laser Skin Treatment Types

The lasers in use today are far more specialized and advanced than those of the past. Lasers have been modified in diverse ways to perform many duties and treat a variety of skin conditions ranging from acne and unwanted body hair to wrinkles and some skin cancers.

Dermatologists were among the first to use the laser in medicine for the treatment of skin problems. Most medical and surgical specialties have now harnessed the powerful laser for their use.

Our advantage is years of experience treating patients with the laser systems at DAA. Our Candela laser is used for treating troublesome birthmarks and portwine stains. The Diolite® laser can treat spider veins on the face, red spots, moles, keratosis and skin tags. The CO2 Ultrapulse laser is used for facial resurfacing to smooth out lines, wrinkles and scars, as well as for treatment of some skin cancers. The YAG laser is used for skin problems such as deep pigmented birthmarks and can also be used for treatment of difficult and colorful tattoos.

The PicoSure™ laser can safely and effectively remove dark ink tattoos in fewer treatments than traditional laser systems.

DAA’s Laser Institute of Georgia is proud to be one of the few laser centers in the US to offer both PicoSure™ and PicoWay, the most advanced tattoo removal technology available today. The PicoSure™ and PicoWay lasers can safely and effectively remove dark ink tattoos in fewer treatments than traditional laser systems.


Laser Systems Offered At Dermatology Associates Of Atlanta

  • Ultrapulse CO2 laser – Provides facial resurfacing to combat signs of aging including lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to remove brown spots, trauma scars and certain skin cancers.
  • Ultrafine™ Erbium Laser – This cold ablation laser is used to smooth raised scars, syringomas, and benign raised-moles.
  • Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser – A high quality laser primarily used for tattoo removal. Also effective treatment for deep pigmented birth marks, acne scars, and drug-induced pigmentation.
  • Smoothbeam Laser – This acne treating laser targets the root cause of acne, the sebaceous gland. This laser can also improve acne scars, reduce oil in the skin, address facial redness from rosacea, and soften fine lines around the eyes.
  • Smart Xide Dot Laser – The DOT laser creates thousands of microscopic wounds on the skin to induce immediate skin tightening and promote collagen growth. This laser can effectively treat the appearance of aged skin, smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of acne and scars.
  • Gentle YAG™ Laser – This non-ablative laser can treat fine lines, wrinkles, deep blue veins on the face, acne scars and skin tightening.
  • IsoLaz™ – This system combines vacuum and painless broad-spectrum light to treat acne. It can also rid the face of some unwanted hair and prevent future acne outbreaks.
  • Perfecta™ Laser – Formerly known as V-Beam, this laser is used to treat redness and flushing associated with rosacea, facial veins, red spots and can reduce the appearance of some scar and stretch marks.
  • Diolite® Laser – This laser is used for treatment of small spider veins on the face, small angiomas, red spots, small freckles, moles, keratosis and skin tags.
  • Fraxel® Laser – FDA-approved laser for treatment of wrinkles, age or sun spots, melasma, rough or uneven skin texture and acne scarring.
  • PicoSure™ Laser – FDA-approved laser for removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions. This advanced laser system can safely remove dark, deep tattoos including blue and green ink in fewer treatments than previous laser tattoo removal systems
  • PicoWay Laser—FDA-approved laser for removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions. This advanced laser system can safely remove dark, deep tattoos in fewer treatments than previous laser tattoo removal systems. It specializes in removing red pigments as well as removing dark tattoos from dark skin.

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Frequently Asked Laser Questions


Q. How Soon Can You Treat Infants With Birthmarks?
A. We have treated newborns within the first weeks of life. All studies now show that the earlier a red birthmark or “portwine stain” is treated, the better. Unless treated, portwine stains present at birth, remain for life. Those birthmarks that appear later in life, “hemangiomas,” may disappear on their own.

Q. Why Would You Treat A Birthmark (hemangioma) That Will Eventually Go Away?
A. These birthmarks may go through a rapid disfiguring growth phase causing bleeding and the laser may help prevent this.

Q. Why Should A Treatment With Lasers At DAA Be Better Than At A Neighborhood Hospital?
A. In addition to cost factors, DAA has more experience with a variety of lasers. We treat patients every day of the week.

Q. When Is It Time To Have Laser Treatments For Warts?
A. When warts are recurrent despite treatment with liquid nitrogen, acids, electric needle, or other forms of treatment, laser technology may be more effective.

Q. What Types Of Tattoos Respond Best to Laser Tattoo Removal?
A. Homemade blue and black tattoos respond the best. Old professional tattoos, especially with multiple colors, respond slower and require more than one type of laser. The FDA-approved PicoSure™ and PicoWay lasers are able to target deep, stubborn tattoos, providing optimal results in fewer treatments than previous laser tattoo removal systems.

Q. How Many Laser Treatments Do You Need For Laser Hair Removal?
A. Most patients see long lasting hair removal after 3 to 6 laser hair removal treatments; however, it’s important to consult with a certified laser hair removal technician for a more specific estimate during your laser treatment consultation.

Q. Are Children’s Hemangiomas The Same As Cherry Hemangiomas?
A. Hemangiomas are red birthmarks, usually benign, that typically fade over time. However, cherry hemangiomas are not related to red birthmarks that appear on children. Cherry hemangiomas are discrete, variably sized red papules usually .1 to 4 mm. Cherry hemangiomas are very common especially if they run in the family, and tend to increase with age. At Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, our providers frequently treat hemangiomas with a pulsed dye laser.


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