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Psoriasis Center

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Our state-of-the-art facility provides many excellent options for treating psoriasis. Millions of patients suffer silently with the pain of psoriasis and often feel a diminished quality of life. They know that treatments for this condition are difficult to apply, expensive, and frequently ineffective. Oral medicines alone usually have unpleasant side effects, and topical steroids provide only temporary relief. The condition is not life-threatening, but when patients are embarrassed to be seen in public due to it, they will hunt high and low for a cure.

Now There’s Hope to be Psoriasis Free At Dermatology Associates Of Atlanta

Our goal is year-round freedom from psoriasis for every patient. “Thinking Clear” is our motto. We’ve taken a fresh approach to psoriasis care at our head-to-toe Psoriasis Treatment Center.

Special Psoriasis Programs Available

• PHAROS EX-308 Excimer Laser
• PUVA – Psoralens plus lights (UVA)
• SCAT – Short Contact Anthralin Therapy
• RE-PUVA – Retinoids plus Psoralens plus lights (UVA)
• CHEMO-PUVA – Pre-Puva Methotrexate then PUVA for maintenance
• Narrowband – UVB

What is PHAROS EX-308 Excimer Laser, and how can PHAROS help me with my Psoriasis?

PHAROS is the newest FDA approved laser light procedure that targets the specific areas affected by Psoriasis with a concentrated beam of UV light. Using a maneuverable hand piece, the PHAROS laser emits light that specifically targets psoriatic plaques, leaving the healthy, surrounding skin intact. PHAROS is also extremely effective in hard-to-treat areas like the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. It can also treat the scalp, the most difficult area to treat; and because of the special oil applied to the scalp before laser treatment, the hair will be unaffected by the laser. Unlike other psoriasis treatments, PHAROS does not carry the drawbacks of premature aging of healthy skin, skin thinning, or resistance to medication.

What are PHAROS treatments like?

Treatments with the PHAROS system are brief and pain-free. The laser only targets the psoriasis lesions, preventing normal skin from being exposed to the UV light. Most patients experience psoriasis remission in 10 or fewer treatments and will stay in remission for several months. The first visit may involve a dosage-level test by your physician to personalize and tailor your treatments to your specific needs. Subsequent treatments are pain free, last only a few minutes, and are typically performed 2 times a week for 4 to 6 weeks.

Special Localized Psoriasis Therapy

• PALMS and SOLES – 15-minute psoralen soaks and lights (UVA) & Excimer Laser
• SCALP – anthralin, hydrotherapy, topical PUVA & Excimer Laser
• NAILS – soaks and lights (UVA) & Excimer Laser

Patient Services Available

• Scalp Hydrotherapy
• Flexible early morning scheduling
• Full Time Staff Specializing in Phototherapy and Psorisis Care

Additional Disorders Treated At Center

• Atopic Dermatitis
• Vitiligo
• Polymorphous Light Eruption
• Lichen Simplex Chronicus
• Pityriasis Rosea
• Alopecia Areata
• Pruritus of Dialysis
• Solar Urticaria
• Mycosis Fungoides
• AIDS Skin Eruptions