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DAA Patient Testimonials

Disclaimer: These are patient testimonials written by real patients of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, PC. Every case is unique and individual patient’s results may vary on a case by case basis.

Best practice around! Every single person that I have met over the last 7 years at Dermatology Associates has been incredible to me. I have always been treated so well and if a particular doctor I want to see is unavailable they will work me in with someone who can take care of me right away. I would recommend this practice everyone! These doctors, nurses and staff truly care about their patients.

I’ve been going to Dr. Griffin to treat teenage acne scars for the past three years. The treatments he has suggested and performed have changed my life and my confidence! Dr. Griffin is intuitive and very kind. He also makes visits (and even procedures!) fun, because he is so energetic and entertaining – but also relaxed. I would suggest his expertise to anyone!

Wonderful wonderful apt! I got all my questions answered and Dr. Curtis spent a lot of time with me. She gave me all my options for treatments and was extremely personable. I look forward to my follow up visit with her and will recommend her to my family and friends!!! Loved her!

Dr. Payne is Pain-Free! My mother has Alzheimer’s and is not communicative or “present” most of the time. She had to visit DAA for skin cancer removal. I was concerned that an in-office procedure would be difficult, but Dr. Payne and the nurse took such good care of her. The nurse administered injections with no pain to my Mom, and Dr. Payne removed the cancer in one pass, with no discomfort to my Mom. She even slept through part of the procedure! What could have been a difficult day wound up being smooth as silk. Thanks DAA!

Dr. K is the best! Listens to patients and helps with the problem at hand. He has done numerous excisions of cancerous lesions on my skin. Scars are minimal.

Want clear skin? Go see Dr. Kraus! I have been a patient of Dr. Kraus’ for ten years. In my early twenties I suddenly had terrible facial breakouts. I called my guy friend who we always teased for using tons of prescription creams and who had PERFECT skin–he referred me to Kraus. I was in Kraus’ office that very week, left with a stack of CUSTOM prescriptions for the compounding pharmacy–shampoo, face wash and a couple creams — my skin was radiant and clear by the weekend. I do not like dealing with Concord pharmacy (that’s a different review) but it is worth it for the results. Kraus is not warm and bubbly but he is efficient and effective. I have referred dozens of friends over the years. Thank you Dr. Kraus–please don’t retire!

Dr. Curtis is not only extremely intelligent and personable, but also she exemplifies professionalism at the highest standard. I am thrilled to have such a top-rate dermatologist.

Every part of my experience from start to finish with Dr. Griffin and his staff has been an incredible. They are nice, caring, understanding and make you feel as you are their most important patient. My results are better that expected! Dr. Griffin surrounds himself with an amazing staff of friendly, funny, and most importantly knowledgable staff. You know you are in good hands and even have a good time with the whole experience. They are some of the BEST in Atlanta but you will not get any attitude with these folks. I can not recommend them any higher! Did I mention…my results are BETTER than EXPECTED?!?! : )

Excellent patient care by the medical assistants and wonderful customer service by the office staff!

Great dermatology center I have been going to see Dr. Griffin for years for botox and other issues that I have had and he has always been professional and helpful, and so has his staff.

Great Dermatologist! I have been very satisfied with the service here. While I wasn’t in the room long at all, it wasn’t necessary. The procedure was performed quickly and efficiently and I am very happy with the results.

I love efficient doctors offices! I was in & out of the office in less than 45 minutes and I was a new patient! I went in for my annual skin cancer check with Dr. Payne who is super nice & answered all of my questions. I will be back for future checks.

I have only seen Dr. Griffin once, but during this appointment he spent so much time with me really listening to me. He was great. He also helped to uncover another medical problem that was unrelated to dermatology, but that could become quite serious if I don’t see someone else about it. This to me says that he really cares about my overall health.

Before I came to the Dermatology Associates of Atlanta I Had HORRIBLE acne…you know that nasty type ofacne that encompasses whiteheads, blackheads, redness, scabs from picking at gargantuan pimples, ruddy complexion….now i had all of that BEFORE I found these guys…Actually I had started going to another dermatologist in Decatur which was cool, but they prescribed soo many meds and wouldnt allow you to get the generic ones and all those meds cost hundreds of dollars, which I didn’t have readily available as I was but a poor college student at the time. My face cleared up a bit going to the Decatur dermatologist BUT their service sucked so I was on the hunt for a new Dermatologist. My friend referred me to her dermatologist, Steven Kraus, who is one of the doctors at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta.

There was such excitement in her voice when she talked on and on about him and how he cleared up herskin conditions. She jokingly refers to him as an evil genius, although this man is in no way evil. He is a very thorough doctor who goes cares about his patients, and has a no nonsense approach to skincare. Upon my first visit he asked me if I wanted my skin to be ‘okay’ or ‘flawless’ cuz he could do either/or for me. I went with ‘flawless’ and since that fateful day two years ago, my skin is deeply in debt to him. Dr.Kraus specializes your treatment plan to you personally, which means that whatever creams or cleansers you use, are personally mixed at the onsite pharmacy to treat your condition, based on your medical needs. Also the fact that they compound your prescriptions usually means they charge you the generic price instead of those outrageous amounts that skin prescriptions cost.

They (DAA) also have an onsite medical spa, which I frequent once a month to get my monthly peel (it helps keep the acne away), so after two years with Dr.Kraus and the highly trained staff and specialists at DAA and SkinMedics, my skin is soft, supple, bright and completely acne free! Oh did I mention Dr.Kraus has been voted one of the Top MDs in America for several years? Yes my darlings the man is THAT good.

I visited Dr. Griffin to treat some dermatitis on my scalp and face. He put me on a regimen of Loprox and Evace. No problems since then. My wife is now seeing him for her rosacea. Great doctor. Highly recommended!

Dr. Curtis was exceptional! I didn’t know doctors like her still existed! She listened to all my concerns and asked thorough questions. She made me feel extremely comfortable, and my skin has never looked better! I can’t say enough great things about her!