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UltraShape® for Fat Reduction

About UltraShape® Fat Reduction Ultrasound Technology

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UltraShape® harnesses the power of ultrasonic energy to target and destroy subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, flanks, and upper thighs. It is not a surgery, but a non-invasive procedure utilizing a special device that uses that energy to break down fat cells and evacuate the triglycerides contained therein. The fat is simply flushed away using the body’s natural metabolic processes and broken down further by the liver. (Don’t worry – it’s no harder on your system than a greasy meal!)

UltraShape® Fat Reduction Treatment


UltraShape® is an outpatient procedure that requires zero downtime and preparation. Research indicates that in general, patients should receive three treatments spaced two to three weeks apart to enjoy maximum results. Peak results are generally reached within four weeks of the final treatment.  Patients may return to their normal activities immediately following UltraShape® treatment.

Each UltraShape® fat reduction session lasts about 45 minutes. Before beginning the procedure, the doctor will apply a gel-like substance to the area to be treated. This is to help the UltraShape® device move more smoothly around your body. You will not need sedation or any medicine. You will simply rest comfortably and can use an electronic device, read a book, etc. There are no activity restrictions following an UltraShape® treatment.

UltraShape® should not replace diet or exercise and is not intended for morbidly obese individuals. Patients of average weight and those who are mildly overweight may benefit most from UltraShape®. After completing the number of recommended treatments, on average most patients see a loss in total body circumference of around four centimeters.

UltraShape® Fat Reduction FAQs

Can UltraShape® fat reduction be used on all skin tones?
Yes. UltraShape® is appropriate for all skin tones.

Is UltraShape® fat reduction safe?
UltraShape® is an FDA-approved device. This means that it has passed rigorous safety checks and either no or extremely few adverse effects have been reported as a result of using UltraShape®. UltraShape® is still a relatively new device, however, and long-term effects are not known.

How long do the effects of UltraShape® last?*
The effects of UltraShape® are as long-lasting as those associated with liposuction and other fat-reduction systems; however, it is important that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep fat from re-accumulating in problem areas.

What does UltraShape®fat reduction treatment feel like?
Patients have reported a feeling of warmth and/or a mild tingling sensation during the procedure. These were not unpleasant and went away after the treatment.

Is UltraShape® Fat Reduction bad for your liver?
No. Although UltraShape® does utilize the liver to break down and process the fat, it is no harder on the liver than eating a greasy fast-food meal.

When can I expect to see results from UltraShape®Fat Reduction?
Results are not immediate, so be patient. Some patients report a difference in as little as a few days after the first session, while others do not notice a change for a week or more. In general, patients see the biggest difference during week four following the third UltraShape® session.

How can I prepare for UltraShape® Fat Reduction treatment?
Unless we instruct you otherwise, you will not need to do anything to prepare for your treatment. It may be advisable, however, to wear loose-fitting, easy-to-adjust clothing both for your own comfort and so that the area to be treated is easily accessible by the doctor.


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